components for press


Device that allows simultaneous calibration and bending of metal sheet or steel. It also allows the execution of many different types of folds, such as undersquare folds (with an angulation less than 90°), open folds (greater than 90°), large radius, maintaining requested tolerance angulation. Also performs "Z" open folds, doublefold etc. The system consists of a rotating previously shaped according to required applications. The product is built with very strong materials, wear and compression resistant, hardened and surface treated in order to considerably reduce friction. The product is patented.

Internal mechanism.
No lubrication is required during work.

There are six primary models that vary for different mounting system. Each model may vary depending on the type of material, thickness, geometry and bend radius, length of the fold. The ideal combination is indicated by the technical department of Newstark based on the analysis of these parameters.